Let the dollars add up when Scrap Cars Adelaide dismantles your car. We pay up to $9,999 cash on the spot. Call us for a quote.

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Car Dismantlers

We Are Your Local Car Dismantlers in Adelaide That Pay Cash for Your Car

It may be wrecked; regardless of whether there are good parts under the hood or not, we want your car. We are car dismantlers with expert mechanics that are ready to recondition good parts under the hood to resale as quality used parts. We are also car wreckers & recyclers that recycle metals from cars like the 65 percent steel that the frame of your car is composed of as well of the metals under the hood, which include precious metals in parts like the catalytic converter. When our dismantlers are done dismantling your car, you have a cash payment up to $9,999 in your hand.

We Remove Cars Throughout Adelaide for Free

When we buy cars in Adelaide, car owners can expect a quick and convenient car removal. Our removals are provided at times that are good for our customers and completed in such little time before you know it, you are counting cash. We are a removal company that buys cars on the spot, providing all the necessary paperwork and an instant cash payment. There is no easier way to get your car sold for top dollar cash and removed than by giving Scrap Cars Adelaide a call.

When We Buy Your Car…

When Scrap Cars Adelaide buys your car, you have many courtesy services along with a high cash payout or your car to look forward to. We provide our customers with:

You have the service of our courteous appraisers, technicians, and customer service representatives that provide a second to none car selling experience, starting off with a top cash quote for your car. Typically, we can schedule car removals within hours of a car seller accepting our cash for cars offer. When we are your removal & wrecking company, you have a local buyer that is legitimate.

Why Choose Us?

Scrap Cars Adelaide is a local wrecking company that pays our customers to dismantle their cars. Our company is one that car owners can rely on for:

Quality services that are honest. We know that the cash prices we provide our customers make or break our reputation as a reputable wrecker. Our car appraisers price cars accurately from the description of the cars that the owners provide.

A team of specialists that are knowledgeable and courteous. Our team is comprised of employees that we have selected because of their expertise in the industry. With us, you have a team that is ready to make you their best price for your unwanted car and provides excellent services.

Fast removals that pay cash. We are quick to provide our customers with car removals that leave them with up to $9,999 cash in their hands.

We are a removal company that will buy your car over the phone or through our webpage. For an instant cash quote, contact us at the number below, or fill out our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page.

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